Will Canadian Farmers have access to their Phosphate Needs this Spring?

With the rapid reduction in the Canadian dollar over the last few weeks, phosphate prices are increasing.

Fertoz’ current product prices remain steady and competitive in order to meet the spring phosphate demand in Canada. With mines and processing plants in Montana, South East British Columbia and South East Alberta, we can supply quickly and efficiently.

Due to the recent reduction in business activity due to COVID-19 and with the issues surrounding rail service; processing, transportation and availability of agronomic services are affected. International and long-distance movement of fertilizers may be slowed.

Fertoz understands the importance of food supply in Canada and believes that farming operations must continue in light of the current situation. As a local North American manufacturer, producer and distributor of fertilizer products; we will continue to offer products to local US and Canadian suppliers and growers. We continue to offer agronomic advice and logistical support.

 Soil phosphate needs may be high this spring, following a late harvest in the fall with minimal opportunity to apply fall fertilizers.

Order your spring fertilizer early in order to receive product in time for spring planting. Select sustainable products that provide extended nutrition season long and over multiple years to save time and money in future years. Fertoz products ensure the extended nutrition and regeneration of your soil to mitigate future phosphate deficiencies and maintain functional soils for years to come.