Rock Phosphate for Vegetable Production

Blue Lagoon Organics is a certified organic fruit, vegetable, herb and honey producer in Southern Manitoba. They are motivated by several key principles:

  • protect our water resources
  • minimize soil degradation
  • decrease pollution
  • optimize biological activity within the soil
  • build healthy soil that will produce wholesome food

On their farm you’ll find numerous greenhouses filled with vegetables and seedling transplants, fields of alfalfa, garden vegetables, fruit trees and mustard, chickens, ducks, turkeys and beehives. Essentially they produce a diverse range of food to sustain themselves and supply the local markets surrounding their farm. Every year the fields are rotated, spending one year in garden vegetable and the next in grass to graze the chickens who provide extra fertility. Alfalfa is also part of the rotation as a supply of mulch to maintain soil health.






This year, Blue Lagoon decided to try Fertoz’ Rock phosphate in the soil with some of their vegetables. 

Tomatoes treated with Rock Phosphate on the left and Competitor on the Right





Purple Kale treated with Kelp, Alfalfa Pellets and Fertoz Rock Phosphate









Zucchini grown in Fertoz Amended Soil








Blue Lagoon always welcomes motivated workers who are willing to travel locally or internationally to help out on their farm and learn about organic vegetable farming. 

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