Recent Studies Show the Beneficial Effects of Including Rock Phosphate in Conventional Fertility Plans

  • Phosphorus fertilizers increase productivity of rice
  • According to Sarkar, et. al., 2018; Rock Phosphate, applied with SSP fertilizers enhance plant growth and yield in rice on acidic soils (pH 5.5)
  • Rice yield was maximized at T5: 50% RP and 50% SSP; and T6: 75% RP and 25% SSP
  • Blending soluble P fertilizer with rock phosphate is more beneficial than the application of soluble P fertilizer alone

Sudip Sarkar, N Surbala Devi, Abhinandan Singh and I Yimjenjang Longkumer. Effect of single super phosphate and rock phosphate on growth & yield of rice. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 2018; 7(2): 3654-3656

  • Phosphorus use efficiency ranges from 10-25% in alkaline and calcareous soils
  • Arfan-ul-Haq, et. al., 2020 show that a blend of 50% composted rock phosphate and manure with phosphate solubilizing bacteria and 50% blend of DAP increased wheat yield 21% over 100% DAP alone on a 7.8 pH soil
  • This combination also increased N, P and K content of the grain, by 34%, 71% and 29%, respectively and more than doubled total P plant uptake versus 100% DAP alone









Muhammad Arfan-ul-Haq,*, Muhammad Yaseen1, Muhammad Naveed1 and Muhammad Shahid. ASSESSMENT OF COMBINATIONS OF BIO-ACTIVATED ROCK-PHOSPHATE AND DI-AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE ON PHOSPHORUS USE EFFICIENCY, GROWTH AND YIELD OF WHEAT (Triticum aetivum L.). Pak. J. Agri. Sci., Vol. 57(6), 1521-1528; 2020.

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