PhoSul shows promising growth during year 2 after application on newly planted Alfalfa

PhoSul is a Phosphate soil amendment made with Fertoz high quality, high analysis Rock Phosphate plus added elemental sulphur.

A Montana producer saw noticeable differences on his alfalfa crop between a competitor source of granulated rock phosphate versus Phosul on his alfalfa. He used 500 lbs/acre of the competitor product on most of his land. 4 acres were designated for the use of Phosul applied at 500 lbs/acre. When product was applied in the spring of 2019 he planted new alfalfa with a nurse crop of spring wheat under a pivot. No major differences were seen in the fall of 2019 during spring wheat harvest.

Photo of the field with Phosul applied on the left half and Competitor Rock Phosphate applied on the right

In the spring of 2020, the following was observed:

In his Phosul treated acres, there is noticeably heavier yields plus dark healthy green foliage and some lodging.

The acres treated with competitor product shows a yellowish green color with shorter plant heights and some disease incidence.

The producer plans to re-apply Phosul after his first cutting.