Mining Projects

Phosphate mining is an integral step in the beginning of our manufacturing process. As a company who takes organic agriculture to heart, we not only take great care to mine in quality areas, but to produce as natural phosphate products as we can. Our processes have been reviewed and certified organic. We will work high quality, agronomic based manufacturers, distributors and companies interested in organic production.

Canadian Projects

The Company has two rock phosphate 100% owned projects being the Wapiti and Fernie Projects in British Columbia Canada. Both are well situated close to conventional and organic agricultural regions and have good road and rail infastrucutre which allows access to the agricultural regions in the North West and North Mid of Canada and USA.

Map of Canadian Projects

The company’s flagship project is the Wapiti Project where we are progressing the application for a 75,000 tonne per annum small mine permit. Fertoz has previously extracted 2,700 tonnes (approximately 1,200 tonnes from Wapiti and 1,500 tonnes from Fernie) using its current 27,500 tonne bulk sample permits. Hence, the Company continues to have approximately 25,000 tonnes which it can extract and make available for processing, trials and sale to customers. The company has processed approximately 1,720 tonnes of rock phosphate through a hired crusher and pulveriser. These process runs have resulted in a 90% powdered product, which is now available for sale and for additional field trials in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta and the North Western USA agricultural regions of washington and California. Fertoz’s phosphate rock has been certified for use in the production and/or processing of organic agriculture products in compliance with the requirements of the Canadian Organic Standards (COS) and the USDA National Organic Program.

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