Vegetables are an essential part of our diets, providing us with vitamins and other nutrients that keep us healthy and strong. At Fertoz, our organic fertilizer is designed to help you nourish and care for your vegetable crops and produce a high yield. As you begin your vegetable farming, consider using our phosphate fertilizer to feed your vegetables and give them the best chance possible to grow strong and healthy.

Extensive Corn Research Findings

Long term effectiveness of rock phosphate was evaluated over 38 years in Iowa on low P soils with moderate to low pH. Corn yields increased as a result of fall application. The study concluded that rock phosphate could be used to maintain optimum soil P levels. Availability of phosphorus from rock phosphate is improved through acidity and reactions with constituents of the soil.

An Illinois study on acidic soil showed improved corn and oat yield from rock phosphate compared to control. The study confirmed that the effectiveness of rock phosphate in supplying phosphorus to crops is similar to that of superphosphate.

A 15% yield benefit and a 41% yield benefit was observed in corn grown in India from rock phosphate application at 59 kg P2O5/ha and 87.5 kg RP/ha respectively. Rock Phosphate, applied at three rates (20, 40 and 60 kg P/ha) in Kenya showed between 14 to 52% yield benefits on maize. High rates of rock phosphate application persisted in the soil for three consecutive growing seasons according to Ndung et al., 2006. A net benefit of 906 US $/ha was assessed from high application (60 kg P/ha) of rock phosphate.

Your Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables

For your plants to grow as strong and healthy as possible, they need the proper nutrients. As they grow, your vegetables need a lot of nitrogen in order to develop as they should. An organic fertilizer for vegetables can help with this, adding additional nitrogen to the soil and feeding your plants. It is important to keep in mind that, while our phosphate fertilizer is great for your plants, using too much fertilizer can burn your plants and lessen the amount of product they produce.

The Best Times to Use Vegetable Fertilizer

It is a good idea to add vegetable fertilizer to your soil about two to four weeks before you plant young vegetables. This gives them the nutrients they need to begin growing properly. Once your crop is planted, you can apply additional boosts of fertilizer every three to four weeks all the way out to harvest. The soil you are using for your vegetable farming can also affect the frequency of your fertilization. If it is in well-drained soil, boosts can be done every three to four weeks, but if they are in clay soils, fertilization only needs to be done every four to six weeks.

Growing Your Vegetable Crops

There is a wide array of plants you can plant in a vegetable garden. When deciding to plant, there are several factors to consider. These factors can include soil type, climate, and temperature. If natural conditions aren’t the most favorable for what you want to grow, a greenhouse provides a controlled environment where you can grow and manage your crop easily and in the most favorable conditions. Our fertilizers will help your vegetables to grow as strong and healthy as possible for you.

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Rock Phosphate for Potatoes

Rock Phosphate fertilizer treated composts showed increased yield on potatoes at 14 trial locations. Soil phosphorus levels were also high as a result of rock phosphate amendment (C.H. Van den Berghe, 1996).

In a rice-potato-mungbean cropping system, productivity was increased from rock phosphate applications. At similar phosphorus application rates diammonium phosphate and rock phosphate similarly provided better yields.

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