Research on Rock Phosphate in Soybean

Soybeans are a very versatile legume. They can be used for such things as food or fuel and are the second most commonly planted field crop. At Fertoz, we understand the importance of soybean farming and offer our phosphate fertilizer to help provide the best growing conditions for your soybean crop. Using our organic fertilizer may help to offset any soil deficiencies that exist in your soybean crop soil beds.

Research on Rock Phosphate in Soybean

Over 8 treatment comparisons, a 10.6% average yield increase on soybean was observed in a trial conducted by the University of Illinois. The trial aimed to compare the long-term effectiveness of rock phosphate as compared to superphosphate on yields in cereal-legume rotations. The study concluded that compared to superphosphate, Rock Phosphate was equally as effective at supplying P to crops on acidic soil. Use of rock phosphate is an effective strategy in preventing surface and groundwater contamination; while increasing crop yields.

A Phosphate Fertilizer for Your Crop

Soybeans are a legume that can absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere if inoculated properly. Consequently, there is no need to use a nitrogen soybean fertilizer on your crop. If you would like to potentially boost the yield of your soybeans, you may want to try supplementing the ground with Sulphur and potassium. Phosphate shouldn’t touch the seeds themselves as they are sensitive and it may damage them, also lowering your soybean yield.

A Good Time for Soybean Fertilizer

If you decide to put a phosphate fertilizer on your fields, do so in the spring before planting. This lessens the possibility of the seeds coming into prolonged contact with the fertilizer and causing damage. A particularly good nutrient for your soybeans is potassium. Your soybeans will use a lot of potassium in the process of producing their crop yield, so it is good to supplement the crop with potassium fertilizers to provide the ample amount of nutrition for a decent crop yield.

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The time and depth of soybean planting can make a significant difference in your crop yield. As your plants are growing, be on the lookout for any field diseases that may attack your crop and handle them appropriately. Once nearly all of the soybeans have turned to a tan color and moisture levels are appropriate, it’s time to harvest. When it comes time to harvest your crop, don’t do it on the hottest and driest days as it can cause splitting and damage during harvesting. Let us help you create the best soybean crop we can.

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