Peas can be a delightful addition to a meal or even a nice, healthy snack. At Fertoz, we love all the varieties of peas. Our phosphate fertilizer can help to nourish the delicate roots of your peas crop, helping to create a fuller yield of pea pods and have a greater takeaway. Let us help you care for your peas and have the best crop possible for you to produce.

Peas: Organic Fertilizer Needs

Peas get much of what they need from the soil they are planted in, so there isn’t a great need for peas fertilizer. Sometimes it is helpful to spread some peas fertilizer over the area before planting, providing the nutrients the peas need to begin growing. If, after the first harvest, the pea plants seem weak or are producing poorly, it may be prudent to apply a small amount of a low-nitrogen fertilizer six inches away from the plant, followed by irrigation so that it is absorbed by the soil.

When to Fertilize During Peas Farming

The best time to add our phosphate fertilizer is during the preparation of the soil bed. Adding fertilizer when turning over the soil bed will provide the nutrients that the seeds need to begin growing. Generally, you will be turning your soil bed over in the fall, preparing for planting when the soil is malleable enough. Fertilization during the life of your peas crop doesn’t generally need to happen, but if the need arises, you can add a small amount of fertilizer to your crop after the first harvest.

Peas Farming Tidbits

Peas thrive in colder temperatures. With the soil bed being prepped in fall, peas can be planted as soon as the soil is loose enough in the spring, about four to six weeks before the last frost. As long as really low temperatures don’t last more than a couple days, the peas will survive a snowfall. The moisture around peas is a delicate balance. Don’t let them sit in water for too long, as it can be detrimental to them. When the plants are spent, till them into the soil to provide nutrients for the next crop.

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