Lentils have been around for a long time. When you’re growing a lentil crop, our phosphate fertilizer may help your lentils come in full and with a high yield. At Fertoz, we want to help you with your lentil farming, providing the nutrients your lentils need to thrive and produce a large crop. By using our organic fertilizer, your crop can flourish and in turn, so can you. Let us help you provide all the nutrients your lentil crop needs.

The Needs of Your Lentil Crop

Lentils are legumes that can get at least a portion of the nitrogen they need from the atmosphere. This means that nitrogen fertilizers aren’t really needed for your crop. A phosphate fertilizer can be beneficial to your lentils, providing the nutrients needed to grow. If using fertilizer on your lentils, it is important to be careful not to let anything other than phosphorus touch the seed, as germinating lentils are sensitive to salts in other kinds of fertilizers.

When to Use Lentil Fertilizer

If you need to add heavy amounts of phosphorus or potassium lentil fertilizer, the best time to apply is before or during seedbed preparation. This should only be done if there are heavy deficiencies to correct in the soil where you plan to plant your crop. Note that Sulphur, while needed for the lentils to properly absorb nitrogen, can become detrimental to the crop if applied excessively to the crop.

Lentil Farming

Lentils grow best in a smooth seedbed, although they can grow in all types of soil. The condition of the seedbed shouldn’t be too wet, and it needs to allow the lentils to be planted uniformly. Since lentils are grown in several different parts of the world, the climate for growing lentils varies, each region having its own time requirements and seasonal choices to make. However, you decide to plant your crop, our fertilizers will be there to help and produce the best crop yield for you.

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