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Fertoz is a producer and supplier of high-quality organic fertilizer for organic dairy farming endeavors. We specialize in manufacturing all-natural phosphorus-based fertilizers for dairy farming pastures, and dairy cattle feed to meet the increasing demand for organic dairy products. We as a company sincerely believe in the benefits and advantages of organic agriculture and aim to assist farmers to expand their production with a reliable source of certified organic phosphorus-based fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizer for Dairy Cattle Feed

An important part of producing organic dairy products is making sure that your cattle feed is farmed organically as well. Fertoz specializes in manufacturing and supplying organic phosphate fertilizer for the production of organic cattle feed. It is our goal to help reduce farmers’ reliance on chemically produced fertilizer that is harmful to animals and humans as well as unsustainably reliant on fossil fuels. Our testing has shown that our phosphate fertilizer works best in acidic soils, but you can achieve the same results in basic soils with the addition of sulfur and humate.

Phosphate Fertilizer for Dairy Farming Pastures

Pasture health is key to keeping dairy cattle happy and fed. Clover requires a high level of nutrients and can be a good indicator of soil fertility, but regular soil testing is still the most accurate way to know what your soil needs. We specialize in rock-phosphate fertilizers for organic agriculture. Our phosphorus-based fertilizer can be used as a maintenance fertilizer in broadcast applications—though we do not recommend single heavy applications, but rather that you split your fertilization into multiple applications.

Improving Organic Fertilizer Supply for Dairy Farming

Several years ago, the founders of Fertoz noticed a lack of nutritional analysis and effective supplier infrastructure in the organic fertilizer market. They decided to change the way organic phosphorus-based fertilizer is manufactured, marketed, and sold to organic dairy farms. We carried out extensive research to find a source of rock-phosphate containing large amounts of available phosphorus while remaining logistically close to freight rail and trucking lines running directly to organic dairy farm markets. Fertoz is not the type of company to make exaggerated claims about our products; instead, we support our sales pitch with testing, research, and feedback from the people who use our product.

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Fertoz manufactures and supplies high quality, natural, organic input certified crop fertilizer products including rock phosphate that are suitable for agriculture, horticulture and turf in Canada and the US. Let us help you reach your yield potential!