Fertoz is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, certified, organic alfalfa fertilizer. Alfalfa crops are a profitable option for organic crop farms and a key source of feed for organic livestock farms. Alfalfa crops demand a large amount of phosphorus to be present in its soil, which makes our organic phosphate fertilizer a great option for your farm. Fertoz understands the motivations and practices of organic farming and has catered our manufacture, sales, and supply process to giving farmers easy access to high-quality organic alfalfa fertilizer.

An Effective Organic Phosphate Fertilizer

Alfalfa is a profitable crop for organic farms that are looking to create a diverse ecosystem when planting multiple crops in the same place. Since alfalfa is a perennial plant with deep roots, it uses water stored in the soil below the root zone of annual crops. Alfalfa does have its drawbacks; it is a heavy consumer of soil nutrients, which is why an organic fertilizer is necessary for maintaining a balanced soil ecosystem. Through extensive research and testing, our agronomist discovered that our organic fertilizer works best in acidic soils but can be just as effective in basic soils when combined with sulfur and humate.

Methods of Fertilizing Alfalfa Crops

Phosphorus is a vital soil nutrient that helps plants, like alfalfa, strengthen their roots. Given that alfalfa crops tend to absorb much of the nutrients in their soil, it is beneficial to use a phosphate fertilizer to make sure that your soil has enough nutrients for viable crop yields. Given the nature of how it is grown, alfalfa fertilizers are most effective when using a broadcasting approach. Since alfalfa demands a large presence of phosphorus in its soil, it is best to implement a split fertilization procedure to keep it happy and healthy throughout the growing seasons.

Rock Phosphate for Alfalfa in Rotation

Application of Rock Phosphate improved alfalfa yields in a corn, oat and alfalfa rotations at four different application rates in Illinois medium to high phosphorus low lime soils. Rock phosphate was shown to be equally as effective as superphosphate.

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