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Fertoz is a fertilizer supplier who reviews and markets an array of registered organic materials. We manufacture a dry organic phosphate fertilizer sourced from high-quality ore resources for organic agricultural use, conventional broad acre crop production, regenerative and transitional ag practices. We also supply organic fertilizer sources of nitrogen, potassium (potash), sulphur, gypsum and micronutrients. Additionally we offer organic soil amendments such as humates. To ensure efficacy of our organic plant fertilizer, our agronomists conduct regular testing and help educate clients on proper application practices. We have relationships with distributors around the world so that we may provide bulk-quantity natural and organic fertilizers to organic farmers internationally.

Some of the reasons why Fertoz rock phosphate should be your number one source of phosphorus:

  • High total phosphate and available phosphate analysis
  • Great quality, natural, sustainable sedimentary soft rock phosphate source
  • Approved organic input in Canada, USA, Washington, California
  • Registered fertilizer in Oregon and Texas
  • Seed safe
  • Low salinity
  • Proven crop results; better germination, early growth, advanced maturation, more vigorous and competitive crops, higher yields, greater returns
  • Competitively priced
  • Provides extended feeding, longer lasting, high residual phosphate levels over multiple years
  • Reduced leaching and runoff
  • Better for the environment
  • Lower carbon footprint and CO2 emissions from production compared to conventional fertilizers
  • Various product size options; powders, micronized, granulated, pelletized
  • Customized packaging; bulk, totes (supersacs), 50 lb bags, 25 lb bags
  • Option to blend rock phosphate with alfalfa nitrogen, sulphate of potash, elemental sulphur, micronutrient, humates, composts and biologicals
  • Solutions for broad acres, horticulture, small packaged retail, gardening and turf

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A Trustworthy Organic Fertilizer Supplier

Fertoz is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality all-natural phosphate fertilizer. Our mine in Canada is located within 80km of a freight train line and is easily accessible via sealed and forest service roads. Our organic plant fertilizers are supplied across Canada, The USA, Australia, and southeast Asia through the following distribution partners: Parrish and Heimbecker, Federated CoOperatives, Sylvites, The Andersons, Providence Grain, Ag Unlimited, and many more! Our distributors are educated on our how our product differs from other organic fertilizers, how they compare to conventional fertilizers, as well as experts at handling the shipment of our product. While they specialize in fertilizer retailing, many of them also have experience and business in grain marketing, food processing, equipment and agronomy.

Our Organic Phosphate Fertilizer

While phosphorus is an important nutrient that promotes overall plant health and increases crop yield, it is our goal at Fertoz to create a superior organic phosphate fertilizer that is naturally high in available phosphorus (the sum of the phosphorus soluble in water plus that which is soluble in a citrate solution).

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Organic fertilization is a process that allows for healthy plants and crops through the use or organic fertilizers. We produce organic phosphate fertilizer that will contribute to reliable plant growth and good health of the plant and soil alike.

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We work with a variety of reliable distributors that service many areas around the world. As a company who takes organic agriculture to heart, we not only take great care to mine in quality areas, but to produce as natural phosphate products as we can.

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Improved Organic Plant Fertilizer Production

Fertoz’s founders discovered several years ago that the organic fertilizers on the market have inconsistent nutritional value, were hard to handle, store, ship, and apply, so we decided to implement a change. We found natural phosphate sources with high levels of available phosphorous that are easily accessible to truck and rail lines, making it easy to reach the major organic agriculture marketplaces. Instead of exaggerating the efficacy of our production, we back it up with evidence drawn from testing and feedback from our customers.

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Fertoz manufactures and supplies high quality, natural, organic input certified crop fertilizer products including rock phosphate that are suitable for agriculture, horticulture and turf in Canada and the US. Let us help you reach your yield potential!