Fertoz Phosphate Blend Fertilizers

Blending rock phosphate with other products improves availability. Phosphorus can get tied up with other elements, especially in alkaline soils and therefor the inclusion of sulfur makes soil pH more acidic, which reduces tie-up and improves availability of P. Research has been done on manure or compost + rock phosphate which has also shown to improve phosphorus availability by adding other nutrients to the soil and increasing soil biological activity. Humates also increase soil acidity, reducing soil tie-up. Rock phosphorus also contains a healthy dose of calcium and silica, important for cell wall formation, resistance to stress plus a host of other benefits.

Phosphate-Sulphur Blend

70% Rock Phosphate and 30% Elemental Sulphur. For use in all soil types. Specifically beneficial in high pH soil. Sulphur neutralizes soil and improves phosphorus availability.

Granular Rock Phosphate, Gypsum and Potash Blend

Blend of 40% rock phosphate, 40% gypsum and 20% potash in an all-in-one granule. Suitable for use in acidic soils.

Ask us about other possible blends with compost, biological and humates.

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