The Marten Mining Project

The Marten mining project is four tenements and spans 1,739 hectares. It’s 20 kilometers southeast of Sparwood and has linked with the Crow’s Nest mining project to combine exploration funds and pool resources. The Marten project benefits from the businesses, government buildings, and ready labor in the nearby communities of Sparwood and Fernie. It also finds its proximity to the East Kootenay Coalfields a boon. The Martin mining project has road and rail access, secondary coal and logging roads, access to rail transportation, and gas lines and power throughout the property.

A Brief History of the Area

The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Limited (Cominco) explored a wide-ranging area of phosphate-bearing rocks in 1926, where the Marten mining project is now. Cominco built an underground mine to harvest phosphate in 1929. Cominco ceased exploration in 1930, but Fertoz thinks it wise to check out given its small size, proximity to local infrastructure, potential for low overhead, and how the shallow phosphate presents an opportunity for development of a prime deposit.

What Exactly was Done as Far as Breaking Ground

Two shallow incline shafts were sunk, and two small prospect tunnels were driven on the outcrop of the phosphate bed, and a 7ft by 8ft drift (2.1m by 2.4m) was advanced 200 ft (61m). The underground workings exposed a 2.25ft (0.7m) wide phosphate horizon with an average grade of 55% calcium triphosphate which equates to 25% P2O5 (Ref. BC Minfile Report 082G10).

What the Future Holds for the Marten Mining Project

Fertoz started working on the Marten mining project in October 2014 and had an approval for the extraction of up to 10,000 tons bulk sample. Approximately 1,500 tons of phosphate rock was mined in November 2014 for processing and sale. We have received a draft permit for a new 9,000 tonne Bulk Sample Permit. Extraction work should start June 2019. Logging companies have built roads and razed trees, making access easier for Fertoz.

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