The Bighorn Property consists of the Bighorn Claims and is located in the Bighorn Creek and Wigwam River area of the Rocky Mountains, Fort Steele Mining Division, southeastern British Columbia, approximately 24 kilometres southeast of Morressey (30km south of Fernie, B.C.). The property is accessed via an extensive network of logging and exploration roads.

The Bighorn claims were staked as part of the Fernie Project, whose primary objective was to evaluate the grade and continuity of the basal Fernie phosphate horizon in terms of establishing its potential as a large tonnage P2O5 resource.

Previous work on the Bighorn Property suggests average grades of the basal phosphorite horizon on the property are around 23.4% P2O5 across 1.2 metres. The strike length of the phosphate horizon on the Bighorn Property appears to be greater than 6 km.

Currently, there is a drilling and trenching permit in good standing on the Bighorn Property.

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