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Fertoz owns the entirety of two rock phosphate mining projects: the Wapiti and Fernie projects in British Columbia, Canada. Located near conventional and organic agricultural regions, they can utilize rail and road infrastructure to access not only the United States but also Northwestern, Northern, and Central Canada. Fertoz has extracted 2,700 tons from Wapiti and Fernie, circa 1,200 tons and 1,500 tons respectively. Fertoz is currently working on Mine Permits and Bulk Sample Applications at both Wapiti and Fernie for 82,000 tonnes for extraction in the near term.

Extracting Phosphate Deposits

Fertoz still has circa 25,000 tons it can extract for processing, trials, and sales. We’ve processed circa 1,720 tons of rock phosphate utilizing a hired pulverize and crusher, resulting in a 90 percent powdered product. This is now available to purchase for additional field trials in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the Northwestern United States agricultural regions of Washington, Oregon, and California. Our rock-phosphate is certified for use in organic production in compliance with the requirements of the Canadian Organic Standards (COR) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP).

Environmental Stewardship

Throughout the process of sourcing phosphate ore deposits, Fertoz emulates environmental values. We strive for quality through specialized mining practices that conform to environmental policy and regulations. We are proud to honor holistic, eco-friendly and organic farming practices.

Environmental Considerations

Fertoz goes above and beyond on all aspects of environmental protection. All disturbances are reclaimed to near original condition by backfilling, re-contouring drainages and planting local plant species as recommended by expert qualified persons. Disturbances are relatively small and baseline studies are exhaustive for water quality, ground water, wildlife and soils. Fertoz also monitors the effects of our work for up to 5 years after completion of a project. Fertoz conducts extensive consultation with local First Nations and addresses their concerns.

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Fertoz manufactures and supplies high quality, natural, organic input certified crop fertilizer products including rock phosphate that are suitable for agriculture, horticulture and turf in Canada and the US. Let us help you reach your yield potential!