Launch of 3 New Products to Build Out Fertoz’s Range of Phosphate Fertilizers and Blends


  • Three new fertilizer products are set to complement Fertoz’s existing offerings as the company responds to increasing demand for high-quality, environmentally-friendly phosphate fertilizers and blends
  • Fertoz’s products provide farmers and their crops with high nutrient value, have no run-off or soil salt effects, are carbon neutral and highly cost effective based on yield
  • Fertoz certified organic rock phosphate is the key fertiliser utilized in all three of the following new product lines:
    • Phosul LLC has manufactured and is launching a new phosphate fertilizer called Phosul 0-16-0-4 Grows with Nature TM. Approved for use in organic production with high P availability, long lasting source of phosphate, sulphur, calcium and silica; this product has been shown to increase yields
    • In partnership with Western Alfalfa Milling, Fertoz is launching Nutrient Vigour Plus 2-4-4-2, an all in one fertilizer designed with sustainable, organic ingredients that provide high analysis, important N-P-K-S nutrients essential for crop production
    • Humic Growth Solutions is planning to offer a new line of patented Humi[K] Phos products from its new facility, containing humates, rock phosphate and other beneficial ingredients

Organic phosphate development company, Fertoz Ltd (“Fertoz” or the “Company”, ASX: FTZ) is pleased to provide an update on recent product developments in collaboration with existing partners.

Fertoz mines high quality sedimentary soft rock phosphate from which it manufactures fertilizer products and blends targeting sustainable, regenerative and organic agricultural production. The Company’s existing product suite includes bulk, supersac and smaller packaging options suitable for a range of customers looking to nourish their plants with high quality granular, powder and fine powder fertilizers.

Fertoz blends rock phosphate with other nutrients such as elemental sulfur, potassium sulfate and many other requested ingredients. All of the Company’s products adhere to the highest levels of quality assurance and registrations and are approved for organic use throughout Canada and the USA, including states with strict organic regulations such as California, Washington and Oregon.

levels of quality assurance and registrations and are approved for organic use throughout Canada
and the USA, including states with strict organic regulations such as California, Washington and

Product Suite Expansion
Fertoz’s commitment to improving sustainability, environmental health and combatting climate change has driven the Company to partner with fertilizer manufacturers that operate in a way that contributes to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Phosul, WAMCO, and Humic are all previously-announced Fertoz partners that develop and market low or carbon-neutral phosphate products.

Over the past 3 years, Fertoz has invested in research and development and has partnered with credible leaders in product manufacturing and agriculture to add more organic nutrients to the Company’s rock phosphate. Thanks to strong business relationships and collaborative efforts with the three aforementioned partners, Fertoz has successfully developed new product blends which are suitable for farmers across North America:

Phosul LLC
Phosul 0-16-0-4 Grows with Nature TM provides another environmentally safe, organic and sustainable method for
the liberation of phosphate from rock phosphate for agricultural production. Vital phosphate is continuously
released in the soil through this naturally processed granule.

Phosul LLC wanted to generate a fertilizer that works as efficiently as conventional phosphate fertilizer, without the release of undesirable contaminants during manufacturing. Availability of phosphate is increased through the addition of sulphur and silica in this blend. Other ingredients in this patented blend provide benefits to soil health and crop production that go beyond nutrient availability.

Investors can learn more about Phosul’s products at the Phosul website:

Western Alfalfa Milling Company (WAMCO)
With their processing facility in Saskatchewan, Fertoz and Western Alfalfa Milling Company are positioned
to rapidly deliver their new line of products to producers in the Canadian Prairies. Nutrient Vigor 2-4-1 and Nutrient Vigor Plus 2-4-4-2 are ¼ inch all in one pellets that easily apply through traditional fertilizer spreading equipment. The
nitrogen is supplied by alfalfa and hence, carbon neutral; and our rock is low carbon, with the only CO2 emissions coming from excavators mining our rock and truck deliveries to processing plants and customers.

These blends of important N-P-K-S nutrients ensure the delivery of a healthy balance of nutrients and organic matter to the crop to boost productivity while enhancing soil nutritional status. These products have been approved for use in organic production systems by Pro-Cert and EcoCert.

To learn more about WAMCO’s full line of products, visit them here at

Humic Growth Solutions
Humic Growth Solutions is the manufacturer of Humi[K] Phos patented products and blends. This product is a proprietary blend of Humic Growth Solutions’ high quality soluble humate with rock phosphate to enhance the release of available phosphorus in the soil. Humates also effectively improve the soil environment and provide favourable conditions for the build-up of soil organic matter and increased carbon sequestration; especially with the added phosphate fertility in this blend.

With their brand new facility in Dubois Idaho, Humic Growth have the capacity to generate 5000 tonnes of Humi[K] Phos products per year, which will be sold by both parties to producers in Canada and the USA. Humic a naturally occurring carbon product, which, when applied to the soil, provides thousands to millions of sites for carbon sequestration.

Plans for New Line of Products
Though extensive trials and testing has been done with all three partners, with positive results, Fertoz continues to collaborate on testing efforts. Current trials are in place this season, with data to be presented after harvest.

These three partner companies have a good customer base, and Fertoz plans to expand on that. All three products will be available to new and existing customers in bulk, supersacs and smaller packages for retail. With the help of its partners, Fertoz continues to develop a retail-based sales operation, with expectation to sell 20 to 50 lbs bags to smaller retail customers such as home hardware stores and garden centres.

Products will be available for purchase through Fertoz’s existing sales network, through the Company’s website and through its partners’ distribution channels. Marketing efforts include sharing of technical information through Fertoz and partner websites, social media exposure, outreach to current mailing lists and contacts, and product training with
existing Fertoz distributors.

Fertoz aims to align agriculture with climate policy by encouraging the implementation of sustainable soil management practices and carbon neutral manufacturing supply chains with a corporate objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, Fertoz continues to advance the Fertoz Carbon Division, with a trial currently underway to accredit, verify and sell carbon credits to offset CO2 emissions for a client.

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