Growers know the Value of Early Spring Moisture

Soil moisture conditions look good across most production areas in the US this spring. Over 48 US states, there is an average surplus of 20% topsoil moisture. Most of these surpluses are in central and eastern USA.

Available phosphorus in the soil is influenced by soil moisture, as additional moisture improves solubility of this critical nutrient. Fertoz-Phos ensures the availability of P early and throughout the growing season.

Take advantage of the combined benefits of early FERTOZ-PHOS application and spring moisture including

  • Better Germination

  • Early Seed Development

  • Root and Shoot Growth

  • Favourable Yields

Locally Mined in Montana

For organic, sustainable and conventional growers

Low saline solution

Blend with other amendments to enhance efficiencies


Rock Phosphate Improves Yields according Research

A review of 13 studies showed a 35.8% yield increase from rock phosphate fertilizer.

Rock phosphate generally works as well as synthetic fertilizer on lower pH soils (Choudhary et al., 1994), with similar yields for both SOYBEANS and CORN, and generally works as well as synthetic fertilizer on higher pH soils when blended with amendments such as sulphur (and/or microbes, humates, synthetic fertilizer, compost, manures. See (Waheed, et al 2015). Other studies have shown good results on high pH soils using rock phosphate alone (Singh and Reddy, 2012) which indicated CORN grown with rock phosphate on alkaline soil had yield increases up to 41%.