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Recent high demand for organic food products has revealed problems within the process of fertilizing crops. Often, fertilization inputs don’t have much by way of nutritional analysis, are problematic to handle and difficult to apply, and are distant from key markets. Fertoz scours phosphate deposits, seeking sedimentary sources with the appropriate levels of high total P and high available P. Our geologists have discovered deposits in central and southern British Columbia, allowing access to the organic industry in Canada’s Prairie Provinces and crucial markets in Washington, Oregon, and California.

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Variety Is the Fertilizer of Life

It was discovered through testing that organic rock phosphates can help improve crop yields. The effectiveness of this is increased by the pH in acidic soils, which assists in breaking down and releasing the phosphate. We have found that humic acid also produces a similar effect, so we are pursuing new products with leading humic and sulfur manufacturers, experimenting and pushing the envelope in terms of fertilizer options.

Sales and Marketing Using Science and Technology

Fertoz’s team has a substantial understanding of agricultural inputs and plenty of experience working in sales with growers, wholesalers, and retailers. It’s important to us that we introduce our product the right way and prove its effectiveness to potential clients. In the past, scientific analysis of crop yields, publication education, and buy-ins were all lacking, but we wanted to change that. We are blazing a new trail with high availability P and testing and trials done by respected agronomists. Our sales will be focused on people who know the product and how to use it, who are also established, and who will keep track of their yields and share the information with us.

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Working in Worldwide Phosphate Markets

While still continuing Fertoz product sales to established growers and distributors, we are planning to expand sales in Canada and move into key US markets. Our mine in Fernie, B.C. has excellent truck and rail service, and we’re moving into rail markets in Oregon, Washington, and California. In the coming years, we will continue to execute our strategy and provide high available P to agronomic-based growers, manufacturers, and distributors. Please peruse the information on our website, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We are excited for you to grow with us!

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Fertoz manufactures and supplies high quality, natural, organic input certified crop fertilizer products including rock phosphate that are suitable for agriculture, horticulture and turf in Canada and the US. Let us help you reach your yield potential!