Western Canadian Rock Phosphate Incubation Study

Western Canadian Rock Phosphate Incubation Study By Elston Solberg March, 2017 Phosphate (P2O5) is a vital element for plant growth and generally considered the second most important plant nutrient after nitrogen. The base source for most phosphate fertilizers is rock...
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Go big or go home… or go organic

Organic farming provides a living conventional methods no longer do by Laura Rance • Posted: 01/7/2017 Making a seeding plan for the coming crop year is a complicated process for Prairie farmers. While market prices play a big role in...
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By Lawrence Klusa, P.Ag. The chemical structure of both the Wapiti and Fernie rock phosphate deposits is similar. Both deposits have approximately 18% to 24% of the rock being phosphoric acid P2O5 (also know as phosphorus pentoxide or diphosphorus pentoxide...
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