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Several years ago, the Fertoz founders recognized the growing demand for organic food products. They also realized that fertilizer inputs for organic crops often have low nutrient analysis (nitrogen, phosphate and potash), are hard to handle, store, ship and apply, and often are located away from key markets. They embarked on an improved strategy for organic fertilizer production.

– The Right Phosphate –

Fertoz researched countless phosphate deposits, desiring sedimentary phosphate, properly weathered to have high total P, high available P and typical phosphate deposit impurities, metals, limestone and clays. Finding that perfect phosphate to contribute to our fertilizer production came down to where we looked.

– The Right Area –

The Fertoz geologists found some suitable deposits described above, but these were often in challenging geographies, long distances from organic markets. After considerable work, they found the deposits they were looking for in central and southern British Columbia. These could easily reach organic markets in the Prairie Provinces, and key US markets in Washington, Oregon and California.

– Sales and Marketing –

Fertoz has a team with considerable experience in agricultural inputs, and in all phases: mining, manufacturing, logistics, and sales to wholesalers, retailers, and growers. We recognized that a new organic product must be introduced properly. Fertilizer development has been abundant over the years, making wild claims of productivity and yield, but had little testing, trials, education and buy in. We decided not to blitz and fire sale product to get people to try it, but rather, would introduce our high availability P with agronomic based facts, testing, trials and sales. We have respected agronomists testing and selling the product. Sales focus will be on well-established and educated consumers who will use the product correctly and document results. This will take longer to grow sales, but we will be in sustainable crop patterns and rotations.

– Synergistic Effects –

We conducted extensive literature studies and testing. While organic rock phosphate has improved results in nearly all conditions, it became clear that our rock was more effective in slightly acidic soils due to the ph assisting with the steady release of phosphate. It also appears that humic acid has similar effects. Thus, we are working with several leading sulfur and humic manufacturers to test blends, new products, and product extensions.

– Markets –

We have sales to long established distributors and growers whom want to use Fertoz products as a primary input. We have plans and targets to expand sales in Canada, and move to key US markets. Our Fernie B.C. mine, a short distance from Montana, and a few hundred from the western US, has both great truck and rail service. We are targeting rail markets in Washington, Oregon and California. We have received rail rates to these markets and they are quite competitive.

Over the next few years, we will continue this Mission and execute on this strategy of providing high available P to agronomic based manufacturers, distributors and growers. Please review all our information, and let us know if you have questions. We hope you will grow with us!

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