Get your Soil Ready for Spring 2022 with an End of Season Fertoz Fertility Program

North America has been affected by ongoing drought conditions this growing season. As we prepare for a more optimistic spring in 2022, Fertoz presents some options to consider.

Prepare for next year by applying Rock Phosphate fertilizer this fall. This will allow time for the product to breakdown through exposure to soil moisture, acidic soil components, and microbes.

Fertoz Rock Phosphate does not readily leach or run-off providing a long-term solution to phosphorus nutrition with extended P over multiple years.

Commodity prices are likely to remain strong as the supply chain seeks to recover from yield losses.

Reduce your phosphate requirements in the spring by applying Fertoz-Phos this fall.

Higher farm receipts related to 2020 crop may have tax related benefits by buying prior to December 31, 2021.

Farmers are considering their options with fall fertilizer. Whether to apply any at all or use traditional 11-52-0. Fertoz Rock Phosphate provides a practical cost-effective alternative in powder or granular form.

Fertoz contains over 20% Calcium and 10% Silica, both of which contribute to increased vigor and resistance to biotic and abiotic stressors such as protection against pathogens and drought.

Sequester carbon. Let us help you trade potential carbon credits available from the application of our fertilizers.

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