Four Alberta Producers are Seeing Early Growth Benefits from Fertoz Rock Phosphate in Wheat and Oats

Soil samples, germination counts and plant photos were collected by The Mackenzie Applied Research Association in Fort Vermillion Alberta. Data was collected from four organic producers fields who applied 500 kg of rock phosphate with Sulphur over 3-5 acres in the spring before seeding.

Early data and photos suggest that rock phosphate amended soil:

  • Increased germination rates by 14 to 36 percent
  • Provided more even emergence
  • Improved root development
  • Promoted greening of shoot tissue
  • Improved overall plant vigour
Fort Vermillion Alberta – Oats
Buffalo Head Prairie Alberta – Oats
La Crete Alberta – Wheat
La Crete Alberta – Oats

Soil samples are being analyzed for phosphate, calcium and sulfur availability and yields will be assessed at harvest.