Fertoz-Phos supplies phosphorus, a mineral crucial to good garlic stands!

Alliums (garlic and onions) are very productive crops when grown under the right conditions. Alliums are best grown in well drained neutral pH sandy loam, respond well to fertile soil and are heavy feeders of phosphorus and potassium. The best way to optimize fertility is to soil test to ensure your soils contain sufficient nutrition.

Fertoz-Phos is a high quality, locally sourced, organic approved soil amendment that supplies phosphorus to your crop. Fertoz-Phos is best applied in the spring before planting or fall. Supplying phosphorus and trace elements, Fertoz-Phos ensures sustained fertility over several years. If nitrogen is deficient, Alfalfa Green can also be used to supply nitrogen in the fall or before planting.

An entire garlic field in Alberta was fertilized with Fertoz-Phos in the fall of 2019. The photos show the greenness, vigour and excellent growth in this field in 2020. Our producer sees the benefits and is happy to re-apply rock phosphate again this fall.