Fertoz-Phos is better than other rock phosphate products

Have you heard of rock phosphate, which is widely used in sustainable farming practices?

Fertoz-Phos has been compared against other rock phosphate products on the market today and is clearly been shown to be the superior product. Here’s why?

High phosphate levels (0-20-0)

With total phosphate levels ranging from 20% to 30% and guaranteed available phosphate at 7%, we provide very high levels of this valuable nutrient compared to other sources. Watch out for products containing low release profiles and available phosphate levels around 3%.

Good product composition

Fertoz-Phos is composed entirely of natural sedimentary “soft rock phosphate” which is known to provide greater phosphate availability compared to igneous “hard rock phosphate” sources.


Our products are direct mined from the earth with no added impurities, while some sources may be derived from processing waste material often containing impurities.

Field Tested

Tested and proven to improve germination and early growth, increase yields, grow greener and more competitive crops. Proven effectiveness according to field trials with improved performance over competitor products.

Return on Investment

Provides noticeable return on investment based on numerous third party field trials.

Rock phosphate does not fit into a one size fits all approach

Fertoz recognizes the need to blend our phosphate with other high quality inputs (nitrogen, sulphur, potassium, humates, biologicals) to use under certain soil conditions to improve availability. We have the infrastructure to offer multiple product types, sizes and packaging options.

Competitive Pricing

Low prices often reflect lower quality product and often require higher application rates to ensure adequate soil nutrition. Fertoz-Phos is a high analysis, high quality product – that is reflected in the price.

Excellent Traceability and Availability

With sources in Montana USA, Alberta and British Columbia Canada and Monterrey Mexico – our products are locally sourced in North America and can be traced from mining through manufacturing all the way to your farm. Be sure to verify the origin and traceability of Rock Phosphate products with their suppliers.

Sustainable and Organic

Sustainable and certified for use in organic production systems throughout North America, following the most stringent natural and quality product guidelines. Watch out for products that are not certified to all regional standards. Verify that products do not contain any limitations restricting their use in certain environments.

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