Fertoz Partners with WAMCO to Broaden NPKS Product Suite


  • Fertoz partners with Western Alfalfa Milling Company (WAMCO) to develop and produce North America’s first full-spectrum organic approved NPKS fertilizer products for regenerative, sustainable and organic use
  • WAMCO is a Western Canadian company with strong roots in agriculture that currently supplies Organic Alfalfa Green Nitrogen products
  • The partnership will provide organic and conventional customers access to and application of the 4 major nutrients in agricultural inputs that boost productivity: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur fertilizers
  • The innovative WAMCO and Fertoz products will be called Nutrient Vigour and Nurtrient Vigour Plus, and are expected to be approved for organic use throughout Canada and the United States
  • Through the pursuit of excellence in its Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) framework, Fertoz will continue to work with partners to develop innovative nutrient fertility options to sustainably meet market demand for products that improve soil structure, increase carbon sequestration and materially enhance crop yields

Organic phosphate development company, Fertoz Ltd (“Fertoz” or the “Company”, ASX: FTZ) is pleased to announce its new partnership agreement with Western Alfalfa Milling Company (WAMCO). The agreement will provide Fertoz with access to a wider range of important fertility nutrients and soil amendments for organic, sustainable and regenerative producers, and will expand the Company’s footprint throughout North America.
Western Alfalfa Milling Company is headquartered in the heart of North America on the rolling plains of the Canadian Prairies. WAMCO is a national leader in the production and processing of Certified Organic and conventional dehydrated alfalfa pellets for the livestock feed industry. WAMCO grows and processes alfalfa near Norquay, Saskatchewan before shipping its products across North America. As well as producing alfalfa pellets for the feed industry, WAMCO is also a pioneer in developing Alfalfa Green, a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer and soil amendment product. The WAMCO milling facility and all of its organic fields are Certified Organic by EcoCert Canada.
Fertoz’s unique capacity to supply large amounts of environmentally friendly phosphate products, combined with WAMCO’s expertise in delivering organic available nitrogen through their Alfalfa Green products and processes, will allow the two companies to add sustainably sourced sulphur and potash to complete the full-spectrum range of NPKS products for their organic, conventional and regenerative sustainable growers.
This agreement will provide customers with better access to all Fertoz and WAMCO products through shared local and regional sales outlets. It will also facilitate the development of a much sought-after all-in-one NPKS nutrient product in various size and packaging options ranging from bulk and totes to 25lb and 50lb bags. While many existing fertilizers offer growers one or two nutrients, Fertoz and WAMCO expect this high analysis, multiple nutrient fertilizer to be a great new solution for growers.

Strategic Rationale
While phosphate fertilizers are a staple in every farmer’s input strategy, use of organic inputs to this point have been limited. Fertoz understands that in order to create more benefit to growers, the Company needs to offer wide ranging NPKS solutions. Through this partnership, Fertoz and WAMCO will produce environmentally sustainable fertility products for broad acre farmers, medium size horticulture and turf producers, and also small package offerings for individual and commercial lifestyle-conscious gardeners. Fertoz will be systematic in rolling out this product line in conjunction with WAMCO and will provide field data and research as it becomes more widely adopted.

Fertoz VP of North American Sales, Derek Squair, said:
“We are delighted to partner with WAMCO and excited to broaden our distribution channels further, providing more farmers than ever with access to our products. This partnership is underpinned by Fertoz’s recent announcement of a first-of-its-kind organic input storage site at Wilson Siding, Alberta, and is an important step towards our goal of becoming the leading organic input supplier in North America. This new partnership with WAMCO will help organic growers to reach their productivity goals in line with what best-practice conventional growers have come to expect.”

New Products Under Development
Nutrient Vigour is a pelletised blend of Alfalfa Green Nitrogen and rock phosphate that provides organic-approved natural slow-release nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients to the soil. This plant and mineral pellet provides soil conditioning, reduces compaction, conditions the soil and also adds 30 additional nutrients to balance the soil.
Nutrient Vigour Plus is a pelletised blend of Alfalfa Green Nitrogen, rock phosphate, Sulfate of Potash and Sulphur, providing NPKS essential nutrients to the soil. It will be organic approved and versatile, perfect for agriculture, horticulture, flowers, lawn, gardening and more.

These two new products will be made broadly available through Fertoz and WAMCO’s existing distribution networks over the coming weeks, ready for 2021 planting. A full list of distributors is available at www.fertoz.com.

Authorised by the Board of Directors of Fertoz Ltd.