Humi[K] Phos

Patented Phosphate Fertilizer with 7% Phosphate, 25% Calcium and 1% Humate. Diamond Grow® Humi[K] Phos is the perfect balance of Rock Phosphate and Functional Humic Acid to enhance nutrient uptake, soil health and sustainability.

Humi[K] Phos facilitates the release of available phosphorus in the soil by breaking the calcium-phosphate bonds and preventing tie up with other soil cations such as Iron and Aluminum.

Research has shown that Humates increase water soluble phosphate availability and reduces the formation of insoluble phosphate. As a result, plant phosphorus uptake, translocation and yield are increased.

The source of energy provided by humates benefit soil organic matter and carbon sequestration, CEC, buffering capacity, P availability, microbial populations, chelation and complexation.

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