Certified Organic Manufacturer

Fertoz is an organic fertilizer supplier and developer based out of Australia. We provide certified organic products throughout Australia and North America. Our focus is on the increasing demand for direct application phosphate rock that is crucial to food growth. Fertoz strives to be a top organic manufacturer, supplying the growing organic agricultural markets. We believe in developing thoughtful organic products with transparency, adhering to the four principles of organic agriculture: health, ecology, fairness, and care. Our agricultural practices center on sustaining the ecosystem and soil for the wellbeing of people. Every one of our processes is designed to meet the high standards of the organic agriculture industry. Fertoz has partnered with a number of distributors to supply organic phosphate fertilizer to a range of consumers.

Environment, Social and Governance Framework (ESG)

  • Fertoz is committed to providing full transparency of our mining, processing and marketing of our rock phosphate products and has developed policies that respect the ESG framework.
  • Rock phosphate ore shallow surface mining is unobtrusive, minimally disturbs the environment, preserves wildlife and vegetation, respects nearby communities, and involves reclamation and topsoil replacement.
  • Crushing, screening, granulation and pelletization of rock phosphate does not include chemical extraction, all active ingredients are OMRI approved from reliable sources, ensures minimal fossil fuel combustion and CO2 release (insignificant carbon footprint), waste and gypsum stacks are not generated and the environment benefits.
  • Processing of alfalfa green nitrogen to produce an all in one organic fertilizer N-P-K-S is carbon negative compared to urea production.
  • We minimize transportation through direct sales to growers and by strategically locating retailers.
  • To mitigate the greenhouse effect, use of rock phosphate (the lowest footprint carbon source) alone or in blends to boost crop yields improves carbon sequestration for organic and conventional farmers.
  • Fertoz products are fully traceable, our team is accountable and reliable, we focus on human health and environmental sustainability, and employ safe work practices.
  • Our ESG practices are regularly reviewed and audited as Fertoz continues to oversee current global issues and areas of focus.
  • We develop and maintain good relationships with stakeholders, growers, dealers and business partners.

Our Products

Greater product efficiency from FertAg in long lasting plant nutrient availability with very low loss from leaching or runoff. Therefore, what you apply stays in the soil providing continuous availability of essential nutrients when plants most need it and without the tie-up processes that occur when soluble phosphate products are used.

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For Investors

We work with a variety of reliable distributors that service many areas around the world. As a company who takes organic agriculture to heart, we not only take great care to mine in quality areas, but to produce as natural phosphate products as we can.

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Help You Grow

Several years ago, the Fertoz founders recognized the growing demand for organic food products. They also realized that fertilizer inputs for organic crops often have low nutrient analysis (nitrogen, phosphate and potash), are hard to handle, store, ship and apply, and often are located away from key markets. They embarked on an improved strategy for organic fertilizer production.

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Fertoz manufactures and supplies high quality, natural, organic input certified crop fertilizer products including rock phosphate that are suitable for agriculture, horticulture and turf in Canada and the US. Let us help you reach your yield potential!