Phosphate Facts

Imagine buying a new tractor and discovering six weeks later that it had lost 73% of its value. Contemplate your sense of loss, if weather extremes decimated 3/4 of your cash crop. There is a major investment made by many of us...
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Growing Organic Food Industry No Seasonal Fad

An article by Laura Rance (January 5, 2019) for the Winnipeg Free Press retrieved from In naming organic foods one of its “Tops of 2018,” global analytics company Nielsen ends any debate over whether the industry now worth US$90...
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Biologicals in Agriculture

What are Biologicals? Biologicals are derived from naturally occurring micro-organisms, plant extracts, beneficial insects and organic matter. Biological products are sustainable and chemical free and for the most part - organic. There are 3 main categories of biological including:     o...
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Cannabis in Canada

The Solution for a Rapidly Growing Industry Cannabis legalization can be categorized for use medically or recreationally. Medical marijuana, which is available in whole, unprocessed form or from plant extracts are accepted for use following doctor’s recommendations to treat symptoms...
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Can Dirt Save the Earth?

An article by Moises Velasquez-Manoff (April, 2018) for the New York Times Magazine retrieved from When John Wick and his wife, Peggy Rathmann, bought their ranch in Marin County, Calif., in 1998, it was mostly because they needed more space. Rathmann...
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Geoff Robertson Works With Farmers To Improve Soil Health

Geoff Robertson Works With Farmers To Improve Soil Health The Advocate By Johanna Baker-Dowdell Published August 22, 2017 An article about the drop in the nutritional value of food struck a chord for Stowport’s Geoff Robertson and led to a...
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Amazon’s Whole Foods buyout: What farmers are saying

Amazon's Whole Foods buyout: What farmers are saying Bon Appetit By Mackenzie Wagoner Published June 29, 2017 Since Amazon announced plans to buy Whole Foods last week, headlines have been rampant with speculation over how the two companies plan to...
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Economic Geology

Phosphorite-Economics - Economic Geology - Bulletin of the society of economic geologists, May 2017. Sedimentary and Igneous Phosphate Deposits: Formation and Exploration: An Invited Paper Peir K. Pufahl and Lee A. Groat Phosphorite-Economic Geology
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