The Importance of Reducing Scope 3 Carbon Emissions

google image: factory emissions Recently, investors and companies have been shifting their focus from reducing scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions to reducing scope 3 carbon emissions. There is a growing need to reduce GHG emissions wherever possible and it...
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Company Hopes to Fill Gap with B.C. Phosphate Mine

Fertoz would note that the article discusses our total rock phosphate available to us in North America and discusses our focus on Canadian farmers. All of our rock sources were totalled to provide the 10,000,000 tonnes number. Fertoz extracts phosphate from...
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Benefits of Cover crops As global attitudes shift towards adopting environmentally sustainable production practices to mitigate climate change, cover cropping can play a meaningful role in improving soil health by returning CO2 from the atmosphere to the soil. Cover crops...
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Composted Manures and Rock Phosphate

Crops will receive a high dose of accessible P from rock phosphate and the help of composted manure. Composted manure microbes break down insoluble forms of phosphate into plant available forms. Studies Show the Added Benefits of Composted Manures when...
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Caley Gasch - Assistant Professor of Soil Health Research, NDSU You've probably heard that soils have the capacity to capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it for a long time, and that conservation-based farming practices can help this process....
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North Dakota Ag Expo at the FARGODOME

Join us this week at the Fargodome for North America's Ag Expo featuring many great speakers and booths! Paul Peterson, Sales Manager with Fertoz will be there to talk about Rock Phosphate, organic fertilizers, manure, carbon credits, and more. Ask...
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