Fertoz is committed to being good stewards of the environment and putting forth larger efforts to combat global climate change. To do so, we are focused on sustainable forestry management to promote reforestation, rehabilitation, and reclamation etc. Sustainable forestry management practices include long term forest growth that mitigates tree harvest, increased tree plantation densities and soil beneficiation through use of natural and organic fertility options. Fertoz forestry projects are located in communities across the globe. We are focusing on developing these projects in North and South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Fertoz plans to use direct planting methods such as manual planting, broadcast, and drone seeding plus enhance growth and natural regeneration through indirect activities (fertility, habitat protection, etc...). These projects will remain in place for the long term, without reversal for over 30 years in order to create verifiable and registered carbon offset credits through these initiatives and sell them to interested buyers.

       Fertoz, as an ESG (environment, social, and governance) recognized public company, operates in areas that provide maximum benefit to minority populations, local residents, and the environment. This can be in the form of:

  • • Employing local residents to carry out forestry operations
  • • Forested areas reduce erosion, improve soil health and water retention, enhance water quality of local and connected waterway networks, and promote healthy rainfall patterns.
  • • Air quality is greatly improved by trees through the carbon–oxygen cycle.
  • • Forests encourage wildlife re-population and habitation, promoting diversity, and providing a food source to local communities
  •        Fertoz Forestry began with our pilot reforestation project in Fernie B.C. Canada in which we employed a drone seeding company (Strongfield Environmental) to initiate the reforestation project in the region where Fertoz mines rock phosphate. We used efficient drone technology to seed native trees, grasses, and shrubs. Fertilizer is also drone applied at site specific rates to ensure sustainable soil conditions. 9500 square meters of land was drone seeded and fertilized with rock phosphate over 6 treatment zones to test the technologies and test various fertility and seeding rates. Fertoz plans to use this drone technology to reclaim additional forested areas in North America.

           With the continued success of our current Fernie project, Fertoz plans to expand its forestry operations, adding more sites across North and South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia..