Conservation Cropping

No-Till Conservation Cropping

Conservation Cropping Protocol Now in Effect

Farmers can accumulate and trade carbon credits through a new conservation cropping protocol. The regulated program initiated in 2007, and is ending December 31, 2021; however a similar voluntary program initiated through our aggregator partner to allow continued participation in this program throughout Canada. We plan to implement a similar USA protocol in the coming year.
Shifting from conventional farming to conservation cropping can increase carbon sequestered in the soil. This results in reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere and lower nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions resulting from less soil disturbance. Fewer passes on a farm field reduces fossil fuel emissions from farm equipment further helping to lower greenhouse gas footprint for the farm.

Does your farm meet the criteria?

  • Must seed an annual season crop.
  • Allowed up to 2 passes that penetrate the subsurface during a season (the season begins after harvest and ends at harvest)
  • During each pass, up to 38% soil disturbance is allowed, calculated based on equipment opener width and shank spacing in inches % disturbance = opener width/shank spacing*100

Our carbon credit trading approach is simple

  • Partner with Fertoz through a contract, so we can register your credits
  • Provide legal documentation proving ownership of land
  • Provide 2 photos with measuring tape showing shank spacing and drill opening
  • Provide acreage of each crop per quarter

Payout for carbon credits depend on your soil type and current market prices

High OM soils (dark brown and black): 1 ton CO2 eq / 9 ac (1 carbon credit every 9 acres)
Low OM soil (sandier light soil): 1 ton CO2 eq / 17 ac (1 carbon credit every 17 acres)
Payouts are awarded based on current market price, which is expected to increase. All of the offset generation costs (verification, registration, serialization, land titles, legal cost of any transaction, data storage) are borne by our Aggregation partner.

Carbon Stacking

Fertoz is developing protocols that can be used in combination with the conservation cropping protocol to maximize your carbon sequestration potential through the use of sustainable fertilizers, through increased yields, and additional nitrous oxide reduction potentials.
It's easy to participate, please fill out the form and we will help you track and trade your carbon offset credits!

It's easy to participate, please fill out the form and we will help you track and trade your carbon offset credits!