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Cattle prices continue to increase as does demand against weak supply with apparent abundance of pasture  Grazed pasture vegetation requires a balance of essential soil nutrients incl macro cations in order to thrive. The current wet conditions impact soil health...
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Fertoz Partners with WAMCO to Broaden NPKS Product Suite

HIGHLIGHTS: Fertoz partners with Western Alfalfa Milling Company (WAMCO) to develop and produce North America’s first full-spectrum organic approved NPKS fertilizer products for regenerative, sustainable and organic use WAMCO is a Western Canadian company with strong roots in agriculture that...
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Soil Health and Productivity go Hand in Hand

Studies have shown that long term use of conventional phosphate fertilizer have reduced soil productivity over time. The good news is that high quality rock phosphate can be combined with traditional phosphate fertilizer at a ratio of 1:4 to improve...
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