Apply the all in one NPKS fertilizer to your lawn!

Learn how to apply the nutrient vigour plus to your lawn! Watch our youtube video at the link below.

The Nutrient Vigour Plus product is certified as an organic approved input product by ProCert, one of the leading organic certification companies in Canada.

 Here are some of the important characteristics of our product.

  • Full spectrum fertilizer
  • Slow release
  • High organic matter
  • Low carbon footprint fertilizer
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Does not burn the seed
  • North American sourced ingredients
  • The product is also moisture activated so you can put it down under dry conditions and will not burn the plant 
  • The product also has a pleasant scent to it, i.e., smells like an alfalfa field
  • Spreads easily in all types of lawn fertilizer spreaders

Here is specific information about the makeup of our product and use instructions from our label: