• Natural Source of Phosphate
  • Organic Certified
  • Locally Sourced and Processed in North America
  • Locally Supplied in North America
  • Contains over 20% Total Phosphate
  • Contains over 30% Calcium
  • Contains over 10% Silica
  • Seed Safe
  • Provides Early Phosphate Nutrition to the Soil and Usable by the Crop
  • Provides Season Long Availability of Phosphate to the Growing Crop
  • Longer Lasting with Residual Phosphate for Years after Application
  • Reduced Losses to Leaching, surface run-off and P Loading to Waterbodies
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Supportive of Sustainable Ag
  • Non-Saline Alternative to Synthetic Fertilizer
  • Soil Regenerating Promoting Improved Health, Tilth and Microbial Biomass
  • Form of Phosphate that is very Efficiently used by Rapeseed Crops
  • Improves Crop Vigour and Reduces Disease and Pest Pressure
  • Proven Yield Benefits across Multiple Geographies and Crops
  • Tested in Field, Row, Horticultural, Garden, and Greenhouse Crops
  • Integrates well with current Fertility Plan
  • Blends with other Inputs to Maximize Availability and Effectiveness
  • Offered in Various Forms and Sizes for Ease of Application
  • Competitively Priced

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