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Grow With Organic Rock Phosphate

Fertoz recognized that the growing demand for organic crop farming required an increased focus on providing an all-natural solution to boost soil nutrition. Our goal is to provide organic, regenerative and conventional farming operations with reliable access to direct application rock phosphate fertilizers that are better for the environment . Rather than make unproven claims about our fertilizer, we focus on education, testing, and proper use to document results. This process may be slower, but it ensures that we support the growth of sustainable agriculture around the world.

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Fertoz’s mission is to become an integrated global fertilizer marketer and producer initially supplying the North American and Australian organic and conventional agricultural markets.

The Company’s key focus, as a certified organic manufacturer, is on providing quality organic input supplies and support for North America’s booming organic market.

In addition, the company will continue to expand its Australian phosphate fertilizer business.

Fertoz has adopted a comprehensive ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) policy. Fertoz will regularly report on our progress in these areas.

Our Dry Phosphate Fertilizer

Phosphate is a major nutrient that promotes overall plant cell health, tissue growth and better yielding crops. Fertoz aims to offer a quality organic fertilization option that is natural, high in available phosphorus (the sum of the phosphorus soluble in water plus that which is soluble in a citrate solution), and free of contaminants. Through our extensive research, we have discovered that our rock phosphate works best in acidic and pH neutral soils; however, when combined with sulfur or humate, it is just as effective in alkalinesoils. Substantial evidence also shows that replacing a percentage of conventional fertilizer (MAP or DAP) application with rock phosphate increases yields further, improves protection against pathogens, builds soil health, provides extended phosphate availability, and reduces your soil carbon footprint.

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Reduce your Carbon Footprint

There is a growing concern around high carbon emissions from agriculture and effect on climate change. Making your agricultural management practice more sustainable gives the soil opportunity to become a sink for CO2. Choosing fertilizers that reduce CO2 emissions minimize agricultural impacts on the environment.

Fertoz Rock Phosphate is simply crushed, screened, granulated and transported, releasing approximately 6 times less CO2 into the atmosphere compared to conventional phosphate fertilizers. It takes far fewer acres to neutralize the CO2 emissions created from the production of rock phosphate.

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Fertoz’s mission is to become an integrated global fertilizer supplier and distributor for the North American and Australian organic and conventional agricultural markets. Growing with the right manufacturing, distributors and growers, Fertoz is seeking to support sustainable agricultural farming practices.

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Phosphate is one of the major plant nutrients and is a component of the plant cell which is important for photosynthesis, cell division and development of tissue growth. Phosphorus also contributes to soil processes that improve overall soil health. Plants absorb most of their phosphorus from the soil and Fertoz organic rock phosphate is a relatively highly available source.

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A Reliable Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer

The production of our phosphate fertilizer begins with mining phosphate rock from the earth. Fertoz’ extensive research led to rock phosphate ore sources that are high in total and available phosphorus in favourable geographic locations. As an organic fertilizer manufacturer, we ensure that our extraction process produces the most natural rock phosphate suitable for the growing organic industry.

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